Together We Build A Better Tomorrow .................
The Nigerian, Ghanaian and Liberian
Nurses Association and the Lifespan
Wellness Team will be hosting a
health fair. Come and get your blood
pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol
checked for free!

A consumer specialist from our
community Credit Unions will provide
information on the mortgage market.
Oasis International
Promoting cultural health and
facilitating community and
economic empowerment with
an emphasis on youth

Oasis Youth Mission
Coming together for the
common purpose of acquiring
and sharing knowledge within
their communities about life
skills, education, leadership,
and diversity in a safe and
controlled environment.
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Welcome !

Our non-profit organization is dedicated to promoting culture, health, and to facilitating community economic empowerment with emphasis on youth leadership development. Established in the city of Providence we’ve aided African immigrants in low income neighborhoods for over 17 years now. We helped bring social exchange and economic development in our neighborhoods.

Who are we?

Our mission is to "promote cultural, health and to facilitate community economic empowerment with emphasis on youth leadership development.

We are a non-profit organization serving the neighborhood of West End, Elmwood, Upper South Providence, Lower South Providence, and Washington Park and African immigrant communities. Oasis International started in 1992, as an effort to identify and maintain an infrastructure for professional development for its members. Through the exchange of technical information, general business assistance, and the promotion of cultural activities, we have evolved into a non-profit organization dedicated to long term social exchange and economic development in our neighborhoods. We are acutely aware of the limitations the access to capital and the absence of economic development within our community. These limitations are particularly glaring among the recent immigrants and the low-income who are a significant portion of our population. We are driven to discover ways to improve the economic plight of those in our community by providing consumer education.

"Organizational changes are not 
     enough.  A spirit of community has 
    to be created for the whole to be 
   greater than the sum of the parts."
    -Keshavan Nair

oasis youth slogan
Oasis Youth Slogan : "The Oasis Youth are the leaders of tomorrow, starting today."

The 7th annual Gala and fundraiser
Saturday November 12, 2016.
The Rhode Island Shriners Imperial Room at One Rhodes Place, Cranston, RI.  
The theme of the Gala is "Resilience and Perseverance - The Keys to the Future of our Youth."
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