Oasis International
Promoting cultural health and
facilitating community and
economic empowerment with
an emphasis on youth

The Nigerian, Ghanaian and Liberian
Nurses Association and the Lifespan
Wellness Team will be hosting a
health fair. Come and get your blood
pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol
checked for free!

Oasis Youth Mission
Coming together for the
common purpose of acquiring
and sharing knowledge within
their communities about life
skills, education, leadership,
and diversity in a safe and
controlled environment.
A consumer specialist from our
community Credit Unions will provide
information on the mortgage market.
Together We Build A Better Tomorrow .................
All Rights Reserved. Oasis International
Program and Coming Events.
Congratulations to all of our 2017 Graduates!
Oasis high school and college 2017 graduates will be honored
on Sunday July 30, 2017 at:
Oasis International
600 Broad Street
Providence, RI 02907
Please send your name, graduation date, school, and degree
information to Oasis. Call (401) 421-1252 or send us an email at
akinfolarin@msn.com or oasisinternational.1992@yahoo.com.

The African Communities of RI bring you the 2017 Summer Bash.
  • This year, there will be performances by Traditional African Drum and New Force
  • Steppers as well as other professional dancers and singers.
  • There will also be Health Fair with the Nigerian, Ghanaian, and Liberian Nurses
  • Association. The Lifespan Wellness Team will be available to provide free health
  • screenings.
  • The Summer Bash will provide attendees with an opportunity to find out what’s
  • new in the mortgage market, what services are available at our community Credit
  • Unions, and how to prevent foreclosures.
  • Oasis is currently seeking vendors for the event. If you own a business, are a
  • craftsman, have products to sell or show, or would like to contribute in any way,
  • please contact us at (401) 421-1252.

Oasis Youth Recap of Spring Break in DC
Oasis Youth Kendra Ezeama says:

"Virginia is one of the most unique places to visit due to its significance it has played in
our countries history. Washington D.C, in particular, holds the history of our country's
road to democracy. I am African American, and for me to visit the African American
memorials and architecture at the African American War Museum really brightened my
eyes on the impact that African Americans, like me, made to achieve freedom.
I was almost brought to tears when we were taken to the Arlington National Cemetery.
We were above the ground of the place famous people who devoted their lives for this
country was buried. And to process that was very scary. To me, when I saw the ever
breathing fire at the cemetery, it represented America's ever burning determination to
be united as one. I feel very privileged to be apart of the Washington D.C trip hosted
by Oasis International."
Oasis Youth Tosin Akinsulire says:

"For our spring break we went to Washington D.C. We went to the white house and we
took pictures in front of it. After going to the white house we went to a museum, and
we learned about how African Americans freed themselves.
After the video a guy came up on the stage with a soldier suit and he told us about how
the soldier’s act at war. He also showed us the equipment they had and what they ate.
When he finished we got to walk around the museum. When we finished we took a
picture outside and then we walked to the state house.
When we got inside we watched a documentary on the state house history. After we
finished we went with a tour guide and she gave us a tour. When the tour was done we
walked all the way to art museum."

Oasis Youth Becky Adewusi says:

"I had a really good time at Washington DC. If it wasn't for Oasis International, I would've
been sleeping and so bored at home. One of our first stops was the National Mall, which
is a national park in downtown Washington, D.C. It is surrounded by museums.
We went to the African American Civil Rights Museum, American History Museum,
American Art Museum, The National Capitol (aka the legislative branch) and many more
places. We also went to the Arlington National Cemetery. It is where people like John F
Kennedy and Navies and Marines from World War one and two were buried. We
couldn't talk at all because it was a sign of respect. We also saw a ceremony called The
Changing of the Guard.
The guard had to protect the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It is touching how they give.
so much respect to someone that they don't even know. At the end of the tour, they
give us a small red flower that says “Honor Remember Explore.”

2017 Programs
(Schedule subject to change)

Recurring Programs
o Oasis Youth Meeting every Sunday at 4pm
o African Collegiate and Young Professionals Meeting after Youth Meeting
o Monthly Birthday Recognitions the last Sunday of each month
o RIDOT Seatbelt Programs
o Tobacco Free Programs
o Consumer Education Programs
o 3rd – Episcopal Charities Program
o Spring Break Planning Begins

o Summer Bash planning begins
o 3/15: Kick Butts Zombie Walk
o Gala Planning Begins

o 4/17-21: Spring Break trip to Washington D.C.
o 5/14: Mother’s Day Celebration
o Local Recognition of No Tobacco Day
o OAAG Planning Committee

o 6/6: Father’s Day Celebration

o 7/4: Independence Day Celebration
o 7/29: African Summer Bash

o RI Foundation Initiative for Nonprofit Excellence:
o 8/18: Back-to-school trip

o 12/2: Oasis Gala
o 12/28: Holiday Party